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Training course on CIPC

2 August 2011

A new BASIS training course developed on behalf of the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group will help ensure that everyone recommending the use of key sprout suppressant CIPC is properly qualified to do so.

The two-day programme is aimed specifically at store managers and CIPC applicators will be rolled out this autumn.

“Anyone recommending the use of CIPC has to be BASIS qualified,” says Dr Mike Storey, chairman of the Stewardship Group. “But the existing BASIS course covers all aspects of crop production, in field as well as in store.

“Many people using CIPC don’t see the crop when it is in the field. And the CIPC Stewardship Group felt storage was such a specialist area it merited its own qualification.”

Fourteen delegates have already signed up to attend the first two-day course at the end of August, and more courses are planned and details will be on the CIPC stewardship website.

As well as CIPC application, the agenda will cover all aspects of integrated crop storage, including sprout control, pest and disease recognition and use of plant protection products, says Mike. “This is a professional qualification that will help maintain a high professional standard within the industry.”

Visitors to the Sutton Bridge storage event on 2 September can find out more, and course dates will be posted in the CIPC stewardship website ( Cost is £460 + VAT per candidate.

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