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TUBER TALK: Enjoyment and practicality remain key factors for consumers

6 February 2018

​By Emily Beardshaw, Consumer Insight Analyst

Potatoes remain an extremely popular choice in British homes. As revealed in our seminar at BP2017 – more people buy potatoes than toilet roll!

Nonetheless, the consumer landscape is dynamic and a wide range of factors influence consumer choices. Quality, price, promotions and pack size all come into play for shoppers. Once at home, when deciding what to cook and eat, consumers are looking for meals that can satisfy multiple needs, including enjoyment, health and convenience.

Choices about food are largely driven by enjoyment and practicality because, ultimately, we like to eat things that taste nice. However, over the past few years we have seen an increase in the proportion of meal occasions chosen on the basis of health.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with mixed messages about what they should eat and it is important not to assume that they have knowledge of the health benefits of potatoes and potato products.

AHDB’s marketing and advocacy campaigns are aimed at improving the knowledge of the health benefits of potatoes.

As consumers we are demanding, so it is important to understand shoppers’ needs so that products meet expectations.

Challenges which may impact people’s food choices could include: budget, limited time to cook and number of people to feed – and these are likely to be issues experienced regularly.

Positioning products to target a consumer need rather than an age group could be a key opportunity for future success, and meeting these needs is as important for potatoes as any other food sector.

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This article is taken from AHDB Potatoes’ Tuber Talk newsletter, to download the full edition, please click here


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