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TUBER TALK: Grower-groups benefiting from Farmbench

6 February 2018

by Doreen Anderson, Benchmarking Manager

Recently, there has been an increasing number of farmers uploading their data onto our new Benchmarking tool – Farmbench. This is a cross-sector web-based programme that is available online and easy to register onto and get started.

Many of our farmers are part of Business Groups and they are finding the group discussions around their data very useful and are increasingly challenging each other with ways to improve their on-farm practices, using the results from the group reports to make better-informed decisions.

Andrew Booth, a mixed livestock and arable farmer from Aberdeenshire, said:

“It is definitely helpful to compare against your peers. It helped us to make decisions and consider if we would go down a different route, by looking at what other farms were doing.

If we didn’t have Farmbench, or some sort of benchmarking, then we would be guessing.”

Further benefits can be obtained if groups meet and discuss their experiences and findings, but, whether you take this option or not, the system itself can provide valuable insight and help you to unearth your strengths.

If you are interested in registering for Farmbench or have a group you think would benefit from benchmarking together, please visit and contact your regional officer.


This article is taken from AHDB Potatoes’ Tuber Talk newsletter, to download the full edition, please click here



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