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Water Management Guide Launched with New Guidance on Common Scab Control

15 March 2018

The updated Seasonal Water Management Guide for Potatoes summarises the latest research findings and based on AHDB-funded research projects and work conducted at Strategic Potato Farms by Dr Mark Stalham of NIAB CUF.

The guide is available on our website now, and includes our latest advice on common scab control, after work completed at SPot Farm East allowed us to enhance information provided on varietal resistance to the disease.

The timing of first irrigation is key, and this publication will help you understand the needs based on susceptibility of different varieties and soil type.

As well as improving common scab control this publication aims to help growers to efficiently manage water in order to:

  • Improve marketable yield
  • Maximise quality and reduce defects
  • Increase water use efficiency
  • Reduce nutrient (particularly nitrogen), soil and water loss

Dr Mark Stalham of NIAB CUF said:  “In the UK, well-timed and evenly distributed water applied at three- to seven-day intervals is as beneficial to the crop as daily irrigation, and offers potential water savings and reduced drainage losses”

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