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Website now live for World Potato Congress 2012

28 July 2011

The website has now gone live. Everyone wishing to keep up-to-date on this important event being hosted by AHDB Potatoes, on behalf of the British potato industry, can now sign up for news updates.

Interest in the 2012 World Potato Congress is mounting. The website has already had 2,817 page views, with visitors from as far afield as China, Japan, Russia, New Zealand and India, not to forget the growing number of GB levy-payers expressing an interest in attending.

“Our levy-payers will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practice with the best in the industry from all over the world,” says organising committee chairman Mark Prentice. “Levy-payers will have the opportunity to interact with world-leading authorities from the potato sector, with speakers talking about all-important topics in potato marketing, research and agronomy.

“The technical aspects of the congress will help our levy-payers achieve optimum efficiency, driving towards thriving, sustainable business. It will also be an unmissable occasion for networking and building vital contacts.”

Furthermore, the congress offers some real benefits for companies wishing to raise their profile in the sector, including exposure to a highly targeted, international audience.

Anyone wishing to benefit from these highly beneficial sponsorship opportunities should contact the organising committee by emailing AHDB Potatoes director Rob Clayton on

 “The GB retail potato market has a value of £3.5 billion,” continues Mark. “This high-profile international congress will help us raise both political and economic awareness of the importance of the potato industry, at both UK and EU levels.”

International speakers from potato marketing, research and production sectors are being engaged to address the audience on core issues currently facing the industry all over the world, he adds.
Mark expects the important congress will draw other commercial interests such as equipment manufacturers, crop protection specialists, banking and finance experts, marketing specialists, scientists, and many more.

“The congress will bring together the world’s best in our industry. Information exchange is high on the agenda and delegates will be able to learn about developments in the potato sector that will benefit our industry here in Britain.

 The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) will be the main venue, with delegates participating in a variety of plenary and breakout sessions and workshops offered by a range of international speakers. There will also be opportunities for delegates to participate in a range of technical, scientific and commercial tours that will offer British and overseas visitors exceptional opportunities to discover developments in the potato industry in Great Britain.

For any enquiries please contact Sophie Lock on or telephone 0247 647 8772.

Delegate bookings will open during the first week of June 2011 online and anyone who would like regular updates on the congress can now register on

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