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World Potato Congress 2012 Coverage

29 May 2012

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News coverage of WPC2012

Beddington calls for 'climate smart farming'
The government's chief scientist delivered what he called a 'gloomy, frightening but optimistic' presentation of the world's food and natural resource challenges at the opening of the World Potato Congress in Edinburgh this morning.
Source: NFU

PepsiCo turns to new varieties
Eighty per cent of the potatoes used by PepsiCo in 2017 will be new varieties.
Source: NFU

Potato has 'massive' global role
Potatoes can no longer be referred to as 'the humble spud' because they have massive role to play globally.
Source: NFU

World needs GM crops argues Prof Sir John Beddington
After a weekend where anti GM protesters attempted to destroy a trial plot of wheat, the UK government’s chief scientific adviser said it made no sense to do so when the environmental benefits from the trial could be vast.

Potatoes, PROUD not HUMBLE
Potatoes have a massive role to play globally. As well as delicious to eat in all their many forms, they are nutritious and address many of our food security and sustainability challenges, declared AHDB Potatoes chairman Allan Stevenson in his opening address at World Potato Congress (Edinburgh, May 27).

One Potato, Two Potato…
This year is set to be another record breaker for Scotland’s seed potato exports. With over a month of the season still to go, exports of seed potatoes to non-EU countries have already hit an all-time high of 77,277 tonnes.

Scottish potato seed exports at record high
Scottish seed potato exports are at record high, the Scottish Government’s Rural Affairs secretary Richard Lochhead has told delegates to the World Potato Congress in Edinburgh.
Source: FWI

Climate change and population growth major challenges for potato industry
The 2012 World Potato Congress opened in Edinburgh, Scotland on Monday 27th May 2012. The congress was opened by Allan Stevenson, Chairman of the AHDB Potatoes. He paid tribute to Great Britain's Agriculture and it's world leadership in sustainable ...
Source: Fresh Plaza


Growers have been urged to think more about promotion and place to drive demand for differentiated potato products, instead of focusing on product and price. Addressing delegates from around the globe at the World Potato Congress in Edinburgh, ...
Source: FarmersWeekly
They are not naturally demonstrative and that is why, this past week at the World Potato Congress packed with scientists and agronomists, there was a tremor when the audience loudly applauded a former anti- genetic modification (GM) demonstrator who ...
Source: Scotsman
At the World Potato Congress 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Bayer CropScience presents its first-class product portfolio and comprehensive knowledge in the field of application technology to demonstrate the role as one of the leading ...
A UK project to reduce the quantity of potatoes failing to meet stringent supermarket specifications was highlighted at the World Potato Congress. Simon Bowen, technical director at Solanum UK and Alan Wilson, technical manager for agronomy at Waitrose ...
Source: Farmers Guardian
RESEARCH presented by ADAS at the World Potato Congress showed British-grown potatoes have a virtual water content of just 74 cubic metres of water per tonne. This is just 29 per cent of much thirstier potatoes from elsewhere as the world average is ...
Source: Farmers Guardian
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