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Alistair Neill

25 May 2016

Alistair is a Trainee Agronomist for Produce Solutions (part of the Greenvale AP group) in Norfolk, East Anglia.

Alistair works closely with in-house agronomists at Produce Solutions, providing advice and guidance to growers. As part of his day-to-day role he covers a range of technical topics including seed inspections, rates and spacing; crop development and store monitoring; crop health and soil conditions; irrigation scheduling, and crop modelling.
Alistair previously spent two years at Greenvale AP initially starting as a Crop Sampler before progressing to Agronomy and Seed assistant. 
'I am particularly interested in the learning opportunities provided by the SPot Farm Demonstrations and replicating the innovative practices on show in my day-to-day role.
I want to know what the seed producers view as their biggest challenges over coming years and how they plan on tackling them with variety development, the time scales involved with this, and any limiting factors. 
I also hope to understand the methods involved in regulation change and how we can best make our voices heard, particularly in light of recent concerns with the uncertainty surrounding some of our key plant protection products.'

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