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Andrew Johnston

25 May 2016

Andrew currently works as the Farm and Seed Manager for Albanwise Ltd, in North Yorkshire Wolds. 

Andrew has spent nearly 4 years at Albanwise Ltd, managing 4,000 acres, 650-750 of which are seed potatoes. He helps to grow 18 varieties of seed potatoes for 6 independent seed houses (home market). 

Andrew is also an active member of the Yorkshire Highland Seed Potato Growers Association, an association of growers of seed potatoes in the Yorkshire region.

'By being part of the Next Generation Programme I hope to network and gain new friends, colleagues, contacts and peers. But I also want to develop a greater understanding of the potato industry in its entirety -  as well as AHDB's role in supporting a sustainable and successful future for our trade. 

In addition to this, I would like to gain a greater grasp of the demands of the consumer and packers/processors. When it comes to the next 'big thing' or fashion in the food and drink industry, how might the marketing of the humble spud fit in with that?'

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