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Annabel Hamilton

25 May 2016

Annabel is Assistant Arable Manager for Patrick Dean Ltd in Lincolnshire. 

Annabel has been at Patrick Dean Ltd for two years, working on a 1,000 hectare farm with 220 hectares of potatoes, and capacity to store 8,000 tonnes.

From planting to lifting Annabel is responsible for looking after all aspects of crop conditions, but also has an eye on the management of store conditions and CIPC and Mint Oil applications. 

‘As part of the Next Generation Programme I hope to get a better understanding of where the industry is heading and how consumer trends, and developing markets will shape this. 

I would like to see better consumer campaigns which promote an understanding of potato varieties and their best end uses, whilst also learning how we might improve engagement with retailers to maximise sales. 

Alongside expanding my knowledge of the challenges faced by the industry and exploring the different sectors, I would like to get closer to new developments and trial work. Investigating opportunities for yield improvement on farms whilst maintaining a high quality crop . 

I’m also really passionate about championing and promoting young people in the industry - helping to voice the opinions and ideas of our generation.’

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