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Edward Backhouse

25 May 2016

Edward is partner in C S Backhouse, a diversified family-run farm and business based in East Yorkshire.

Edward has worked within his family's business, C S Backhouse, for 10 years. They sell their ware through a network of independent merchants throughout the north of the country into the fish and chip shop sector, and the remainder of their crops into the processing market.

Edward has multiple professional accreditations under his belt (BASIS for stored potatoes, FACTs, and NRoSO to name but a few) and has also undertaken a degree in business and finance.

He personally applies CIPC and so is in the process of joining the independently audited CIPC Applicators Group under the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC). He also writes communications to aid other self-applicators.

'In terms of my motivation behind applying for the Next Generation Programme, ultimately, I would like to help develop our business and keep the potato industry going for future generations. This is especially important to me and my wife now, as we have just had our first child - it certainly makes you think into the future even more!

I would also like to help to bridge the gap between the fish and chip sector and the industry as a whole. I hope the course will give me some new ideas, a better understanding of the industry and new contacts within the industry to develop our business.'

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