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Jimmy Dagg

25 May 2016

Jimmy farms for his family business, G I Dagg & Partners, located on the Scottish Borders. 

Jimmy is a recent university graduate of agriculture and agronomy but has now returned to work on the family's 250ha arable farm.

Involved in all aspects of the production system, Jimmy uses his knowledge of risk management to limit loss reduction and incorporates new technologies where possible - particularly around irrigation and harvesting.

He also likes to keep a keen eye on market information, aiming to maximise his understanding of overseas competitors. 

'Through my time on the Next Generation Programme, I would like to develop stronger relationships with packers and retailers and to better understand business decisions made in other sectors of the industry.

A greater understanding of the processing and seed sectors, procurement processes for all markets, and increased knowledge of supply chain activity after the potatoes leave the farm gate would also be extremely valuable. 

I also want to explore wider public understanding of our industry and our product, and ultimately contribute to improvements in end-consumer marketing.' 

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