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Jonah Ehmann

25 May 2016

Jonah, based in Norfolk, is Production Manager for Greenseed International. 

Jonah joined Greenseed International in 2014 and his role as Production Manager requires him to look after all the operational aspects of growing potatoes, from planting to harvesting, including irrigation, crop protection, storage and machinery. 

With a BASIS qualification to his name, Jonah is currently responsible for growing over 500ha of seed, salad, maincrop and processing potatoes for the company.

'As I am currently only involved in the production side of things, I’m hoping to develop my knowledge and understanding of the wider potato industry, and therefore better understand the needs of my customers.

I'm also interested in learning about improved growing techniques and new technologies, as well as novel pest and disease control options.

Networking and meeting new friends, colleagues and contacts is a huge benefit of being a part of this programme and ultimately, I want to share my passion for the future of the potato industry.'

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