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Nick Crow

25 May 2016

Nick occupies a key role within the family business, Cherrington Farm, in Newport, Shropshire.

Cherrington Farm is a mixed enterprise – growing potatoes, wheat, barley, oilseed rape, grass leys and clover alongside a herd of 150 Stabiliser sucklers, 300 Aberdale ewes and 80 Zwartble ewes.

Working in partnership with two other local farms, Nick grows fresh and processing crops for contract and free-buy bagged potatoes.

Nick has also recently undertaken projects to help offset rising input costs to the business, including repurposing an old cattle shed; installing two biomass burners and a drying floor which can be fuelled with materials from the estate and save energy costs. 

'At present, our partnership farming model has great benefits as working on other farms with more people allows for a faster learning curve. It’s an appetite for more of this that led me to apply for AHDB’s Next Generation programme, which further encourages sharing of knowledge and collaboration with wider industry. 

I expect being on the programme will allow me to learn more about current issues and generate ideas around ensuring future resilience with my peers, who all face similar challenges.

The future of the industry for me is more innovations and technology, and increased sharing of ideas and knowledge, through bigger networks'

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