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Richard Wilson

25 May 2016

Richard works in procurement as a Buyer for RS Cockerill (York) Ltd.

RS Cockerill's sector focus is prepack and processing for crisps.

In a previous role, Richard worked for 6 years as a Farm Worker for J H McCloy & Co Ltd. During this time he was responsible for spraying, and key agronomic and potato crop management issues. Additionally, he helped manage potato and cereal planting, harvesting, irrigation and the crop inputs. 

Richard's qualifications include a BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Resource Management and BASIS, and he was formerly a member of NRoSO.

'I applied for a place on the Next Generation Programme in order to gain greater exposure to areas of the potato industry that I'm not so familiar with, such as the seed sector and lobbying and political organisations like the NFU and Government.

I'm keen to network and develop new relationships with people at all stages of their careers who I wouldn't typically speak to in my day-to-day role, sharing knowledge and expanding my own understanding. A more rounded view of the wider industry and the interactions within it should enable me to develop in my career and foster more collaborative working with my peers up and down the supply chain.'

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