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Steven Bell

25 May 2016

Steven is a Fieldsman for Albert Bartlett & Sons, based in Scotland. 

Steven has worked in potatoes since his early teens, starting out with his father, mainly in packhouses, and most recently in his current role at Albert Bartlett & Sons where he has been for seven years, overseeing on-farm issues for their fresh and pre-pack potatoes.

Steven previously spent 3 years at Heather Pre-Packs where he worked to quality control the intake and was able to expand his knowledge of grading, potato defects and customer specifications.

BASIS qualified, Steven has had a lot of direct contact with growers and on farm practice, and presently has lots of opportunity to work closely with grower groups.

'I would like to improve my understanding of the industry as a whole, but I’m specifically I'd love to learn more about the processing and seed sectors. These are areas that I’ve not had a lot of experience of in my current position and it would be good to broaden my knowledge-base.

I’m also looking forward to meeting some new people within the industry and I’m hoping that myself, and the others, can all draw on our experiences and help each other throughout the programme.'

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