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William Brice

25 May 2016

William is Suffolk Farms Manager at Langmead Farms Ltd, based in the East of the county.  

Prior to commencing his new role at Langmead Farms, William worked as Farm Manager for Frederick Hiam Ltd in the Breckland region of East Anglia for 10 years.

During his time there, William managed over 900 acres of potatoes, overseeing the whole growing process, from seed purchase to end-product dispatch, for salad and baker potatoes for the pre-pack market.

Already with a BSc (Hons) Agriculture and Mechanisation degree, William is currently undertaking an Advanced Practitioner in Potato Production and Management. 

'By being part of the Next Generation Programme I hope to expand my overall knowledge of the potato industry alongside developing in my career.

As a grower it is very easy to focus on your own growing methods and your own environment and not look outside the box. Opportunities like this programme help to broaden your view, especially in the varying markets open to potato growers.

I’m hoping to learn more about cutting-edge technologies and process's that might aid growing and packing; as well as better understand consumer requirements and market drivers. I’m also keen to meet other people within the industry and share the passion we all have.’


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