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Apply to be part of the Next Generation

25 May 2016

Applications for the XXXX Programme is now open.

Please see below for details of how to apply. 

  • The programme is open to all levy payers across Great Britain.
  • Applications will take the form of a home-produced video entry which is limited to a maximum length of 3 minutes.
  • Please include details in your entry about who you are, where you work and your involvement in the industry.

As part of the selection process the judging panel will give value to the following:

  1. your view on why you want to join the programme
  2. the contribution you expect to make to your company and industry after completing the programme
  3. why you were attracted in to the potato industry and where you see it developing in the future
  4. your communication, passion and enthusiasm

The deadline for applications is XXXXX with the successful applicants announced by XXXXX.  

  • Videos can be uploaded privately to sites such as YouTube and a link emailed to INSERT EMAIL  - along with your name, job title, company name and contact details.
  • Alternatively, please use the following file drop: INSERT LINK

Contact details for your line manager should also be supplied with your entry. By including these we will expect that approval by you line management has already been sought and that you have agreement to take part in the programme if successful.

For more information: XXXXX