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Safe Potato Operations

Information for staff supervising potato harvesting and grading sessions

14 September 2016

Modules two and three, safe potato harvesting and grading set out best practice principles for potato harvesting and grading and are relevant to all those involved in and managing such operations. They are not intended to provide definitive best practice solutions for all situations and circumstances. The aim is to highlight those areas in which best practice should be developed or adopted to meet the local circumstances.

Testing of individual understanding and a printable completion certificate is available for each person who passes the test.

Each person will need to register in order to take the test and a code is provided at the end of the video which must be entered by each individual to confirm that they have viewed the video.

Supervisors must ensure that the correct option selections are made for languages, work areas, and roles at the start of each session. After users have viewed the content they will need guidance over taking the tests, the results and the certification. Options for repeat viewing of the content or repeat testing can be used if the supervisor feels that they are appropriate.

To validate a certificate the supervisor should check the individual's personal details, then sign and date it. The individual should then counter-sign and date the certificate which can then be securely filed as a formal record.

A library resource is provided which contains additional information and further sources for reference.

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