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Emily Borton

8 June 2015
Emily Borton, 21, is about to enter the supply chain
In April 2014, recent Newcastle University graduate Emily, who comes from a family of livestock auctioneers, will embark in her career in potatoes. 
“When you’re near the end of your studies and start to apply for jobs, you work out fast the roles that really appeal,” explains Emily. 
Emily starts a graduate scheme at Greenvale AP in April 2014, where she will complete four 6-month placements in different areas of the business. 
“I’m hoping to pass my BASIS during this time, as agronomy is an area I really enjoy,” adds Emily. “The potato sector is a fast paced environment which will be exciting to be a part of.  Starting out in a fully vertically integrated business like Greenvale gives me the opportunity to understand the sector as a whole.” 
(Details correct as of November 2013)