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Leo Truscott

8 June 2015
Leo Truscott, 20, processing supply chain manager, Lincolnshire.
Being in the right place at the right time…
Leo has always had a keen interest in farming, so his role at Branston (joint sponsor of BP2013) is right up his street. He liaises with growers on a daily basis, on farms across the UK.     
“Branston has expanded into farming and processing supply and my entry in the business was as these new divisions were rapidly developing,” explains Leo.  
Illness meant that Leo had to leave school part way through his A-levels. But the practical on farm experience he had gained, enabled him to demonstrate that he had the right experience for the job. 
“I’ve learnt such a lot from since joining Branston and hard work can really pay off,” adds Leo. 
Last year Leo’s line manager was promoted and at the same time he was moved up to managing the processing division. 
“I work closely with a dedicated group c20 growers across the UK, who contract on a yearly basis, and I’m responsible for procurement, technical support and delivery for supply to some of the UK’s best loved snack brands.” 
“I hadn’t really planned to go into the potato industry, but by being in the right place at the right time, I’ve discovered my niche.”
“There’s always something new to learn in the potato industry. It’s so varied, one day I’ll be in a field, the next in the office trading, or in a processing factory with a customer.”
“I’m really looking forward to BP2013, it’s the opportunity to meet up with lots of my industry contacts, who will all be in the same place, at the same time. It’s a great chance to have face-to-face dialogue with growers. Please come and see me on our stand.”
(Details correct as of November 2013)