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Holly Nutt

8 June 2015
Holly Nutt, 24, Crisping Co-Ordinator/Trainee Fieldsperson, North Yorkshire 
Holly comes from a Yorkshire arable farming family which grows 250 acres of potatoes and joined Wholecrop Marketing Limited in April 2013.
Holly’s interest in potatoes stems from working on the farm at home. “Watching the potatoes grow and seeing how much hard work went in to getting the best out of each crop to meet the high requirements of the buyers, and making sure the crop out of store was just as good as the crop straight off the field, really started my interest” explains Holly.
Wholecrop Marketing started just over 5 years ago. “It’s great to be part of a young and expanding business,” says Holly. “I’m involved in the crisping side, which has seen strong growth and I’m looking forward to working with our old and new contract growers this coming season.”
Holly advises people to visit BP2013 because “It’s a great opportunity to meet people, hear how other trading companies are getting on and to review the latest research findings.”
(Details correct as of November 2013)