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Claire Hodge

8 June 2015
Claire Hodge, 29, technical executive, Edinburgh
Newcastle University agriculture graduate Claire comes from a dairy farming family in the borders. “Not having to get up at 4.30am to milk the cows was a big attraction to the potato sector,” jokes Claire.
During the summers whilst studying Claire worked for Greenvale AP. When she returned from New Zealand, after her studies, Claire secured a full time position with the company.
“The role at Greenvale gave me the opportunity work closely with the factory, farmers and the growing crop,” says Claire. “I learnt a lot about the potato industry and after 5 years I moved to Branston to take on a role as senior buyer.” 
Claire now works as a technical executive for the AHDB Potatoes. Her role is diverse, working with a broad spectrum of people involved in promoting, improving and challenging the potato industry.
“I’m involved in research projects and help deliver best practice messages to everyone involved in working with the potato crop, to ultimately improve the competiveness of GB potato production”.
“The potato industry is small, but full of people that are passionate. There’s something to learn from everyone. Farming is not easy, so being able to help growers interpret new R&D or get a handle of their cost of production is really rewarding. 
“BP2013 is the best event, you get to catch up with everyone you work with and make lots of new contacts, see you there.” 
(Details correct as of November 2013)