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Season change-over slows free-buy trade

2 August 2019

The majority of purchasers have now switched to new crop. Quality is generally reported as good but there are odd reports of defects coming through.

Old crop demand has petered off as more new crop becomes available. Demand for old crop is focussed on packing varieties, in particular reds, but there is also some movement of old crop processing supplies for peeling.

Demand for free-buy packing supplies remained subdued as many packhouses utilised mostly contracted material. Purchasers were looking for top quality old crop bakers early in the month, while waiting for new crop, which kept top end prices relatively stable. As more new crop supplies came on board, throughout the month, the demand for old crop tailed off.

New crop chipping material was in plentiful supply throughout July and said to be frying well. However, demand for supplies was steady during the month which meant prices generally fell each week. Although demand was quiet, it followed seasonal trends. This said, it was not helped by the hot weather towards the end of the month.

Processors continued to use contracted material throughout the majority of July. Clearing old crop contracts and starting on new crop contracts meant that free-buy demand was somewhat sluggish. There was some old crop movement for peeling.

Export demand was limited at the beginning of the month. In the last week of July, however, there were trade opportunities with Belgium and the Netherlands for bulk processing supplies. These were needed to supply continental processors where local early crop supplies couldn’t keep up with demand. There was also some demand for fresh supplies from Poland due to high prices for the Polish early crop.