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Frying prices dip on the continent

6 September 2019

Prices for frying potatoes in Europe have dropped to around €100/t. More crop has been entering the market to limited free-buy demand. Early yields in many of the mainland countries are only back slightly on the five-year average and significantly up on last season’s drought ravaged crop.

There are some concerns over the state of the maincrop. Yields are expected to be slightly below average, although this is masking significant variability from different regions, soil types and varieties. The area expansion this season will help mitigate some of this, but for the fresh sector it is possible that supplies may be tight this season.

Poland still looks to be significantly short, and may require imports from the rest of Europe to supply this deficit (read more here). This could result in export demand later in the season, a potential benefit to prepack growers. This could help absorb some of the UK surplus, should export potential remain possible and viable following exit from the European Union.