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16 July 2018

Fertiliser Calculator

The new online calculator covers England, Wales and Scotland. It uses the values and methodology of RB209 and SRUC technical notes, to give recommendations on N,P,K and Mg, for potatoes. The calculator will show financial savings of using organic materials and will account for their crop available nutrients. Learn more

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PCN Calculator

Potato cyst nematode is the most important potato pest in the UK and may cause substantial loss of yield. This PCN Pallida calculator replaces an earlier CD-based version. This model can be updated with new information as it becomes available. Based on feedback, this web version is more user friendly, allowing for greater flexibility to move around the various input tabs and so demonstrate "what if" scenarios. Learn more

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Pests & Diseases

Although it is often easy enough to spot that there is something wrong with your crop, it is not always that easy to identify exactly what. AHDB Potatoes has produced a series of images to help identify potential risk to your crop. It should make identifying the most common pests and diseases easier, and so help you find the right treatment sooner rather than later and minimise your losses. Learn more

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Potato Store Managers' Guide

NEW STORE MANAGERS GUIDE now available. Please call 0800 0282 111 for further storage advice from Sutton Bridge CSR.

Safe Potato Operations

Safe Potato Operations contains a number of videos and questionaires designed to advise on best safety practice for all those involved with the harvesting, storage and distribution of potatoes. These videos and tests were originally available on DVD and have now been made available via our website to help make them more broadly available. Learn more

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Potato Variety Database

Here you can find up to date information on all British varieties, as well as Breeder and Agent details. You can search for varieties by name or characteristic, print a handbook of variety information, look at indexes of breeders, agents or related organisations, or check out the advantages of British Seed Potatoes and the British Seed Potato Classification Schemes. Learn more

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Planting Returns

Potato returns have never been easier thanks to the new e-planting and e-buyer returns system. Growers and buyers can now update and complete their returns quickly and simply, reducing the need for traditional paper maps and eliminating extra administration time and costs. The e-planting and e-buyer returns system is available online. Learn more

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Business Improvement

The AHDB Potatoes business-improvement programme helps you compare your potato crop confidentially with similar enterprises.  It will also gauge how your production costs and business performance fare against the sector’s upper quartile performance. Learn more

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Grower Panel 

The Grower Panel website offers access to current potato market information in Great Britain collected by AHDB potatoes on areas, varieties, yields, production and prices. Learn more

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Aphid Monitoring

You can sign up to be alerted to the first Myzus persicae found in a region or regions, and also when the index value in a region exceeds a given threshold (you have a choice of two thresholds). You can select the locations of traps you want to monitor by choosing from upto 8 regions. Learn more

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Fight Against Blight

AHDB Potatoes has offered a blight incident reporting service to the potato industry for the past 8 years. This information is collected on a voluntary basis by 300 blight scouts drawn from members of the industry who are routinely walking potato fields during the season. The samples that the scouts send in for analysis are also used for the much-publicised work on mating types. Learn more

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Storage Cost Calculator

The new excel-based storage cost calculator enables you to assess your costs, using comparative Industry costs or by manually uploaded you own specific costs.The model allows for different store configurations and crop control. Learn more.

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