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12 June 2015


The online calculator covers England, Wales and Scotland. It uses the values and methodology of RB209 (8th Edition, 2010) and SRUC technical notes, to give recommendations on N, P, K and Mg, for potatoes. The calculator will show the financial savings of using organic materials and will account for their crop available nutrients.

PLEASE NOTE: Following the publication of the AHDB Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) May 2017 edition, the N, P, K, Mg fertiliser recommended rates have not changed. However some of the default nutrient values of organic materials have changed, and you should refer to the AHDB Nutrient Management Guide Section 2: Organic Materials for the revised values, which can be manually inputted into the Fertiliser Calculator.

The calculator also contains options to add details about the previous crop in the rotation, including grassland.

In addition, there is an advice tab which highlights crop requirements for the major and trace elements and the deficiencies caused when these are not taken up by the crop.

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