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Safe Potato Operations


29 April 2013


This library resource is intended to provide supporting and additional information to the Safe Potato Operations training modules.  It is not a comprehensive reference source but aims to provide key materials and references to further sources of information.  Key documents that may be legally downloaded from this library or other websites and printed for distribution to workers are shown below.

HSE guidance may be downloaded free of charge.  Check other organisation’s websites to determine their accessibility, terms and conditions.

Safe Potato Operations

If you are working in Great Britain from overseas see

This website will help you understand how British health and safety law protects you at work.  If you employ migrant workers, it will help you make sure that you are looking after their health and safety properly.

Useful links:

Protecting migrant workers:

Advice for employers:

Advice for workers:

Working in the UK from overseas?

Your health and safety at work in agriculture and food processing INDG410

This pocket card for workers from overseas explains their health and safety rights at work. It is also available in Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian.

For general guidance on health and safety in agriculture see:

Farmwise – your essential guide to health and safety in agriculture –HSG270 (Second edition)[AM1] 

Using tractors safely – a step by step guide INDG185(rev3)

Power take-offs and power take-off drive shafts AIS40

Working safely with agricultural machinery INDG241(rev1)

Rider-operated lift rucks – operator training and safe use.  Approved code of practice and guidance L117

Workplace transport safety: A brief guide:

Further guidance on vehicles at work can[AM2]  be downloaded from:

Safe use of potato harvesters AIS13(rev1)

Working safely near overhead electricity power lines AIS8(rev3)

For agriculture-specific guidance

Avoiding danger from overhead power lines GS6(fourth edition)

For general guidance

Electrical safety and you - A brief guide INDG231

Guidance on storing pesticides for farmers and other professional users AIS16(rev1)

Working at height – A brief guide INDG401(rev2)

Manual handling at work – A brief guide INDG143(rev3)

Working with substances hazardous to health: A brief guide to COSHH INDG136 (rev5)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) at work INDG174 (rev2)

Risk Assessment – A brief guide to controlling risks in the workplace - INDG163(rev4)

Working alone – Health and safety guidance on the risks of lone working INDG73(rev3)

A number of farm safety focus guides are available to download from the Farm Safety Partnership. 

Topics covered include:

  • Transport
  • Machinery
  • Falls, slips and trips
  • Children on farms
  • Farm buildings
  • Electricity

These guides are available to download from:

    Safe Potato Harvesting & Grading

    AHDB Potatoes (

    Workplace transport safety can be downloaded from

    'Agricultural Vehicles on the Road' by M Braithwaite; 32 Boothgate Drive, Howden, East Yorks. DN147EW; Tel. 01430 431480;

    Safe Potato Storage

    HSE (

    Working Alone INDG 73 rev2

    AHDB Potatoes (

    ​- Store Managers Guide 2008

    - Best Practice Guidelines for the use of CIPC

    British Standards Institute (

    - BS 7611:1992 Potato Storage Boxes for Mechanical Handling.ISBN 0 580 21253

    Safe Potato Handling

    Department for Transport (

    - Code of Practice. Safety of Loads on Vehicles ISBN 0 11 552547 5. 3rd ed.


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