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17 April 2015

Why chose potatoes?

Potatoes are a low cost ingredient which delivers excellent profit margins, as well as being a favourite with customers.There are many varieties of potatoes available, all of which have different uses in cooking - picking the best one for the job will ensure the dishes you serve look and taste great every time. Potato dishes fit well with summer and winter menus – and can be a good accompaniment to seasonal dishes.

  • Favourite meals: Many of the nation’s favourite meals include potatoes in one form or another; from fish and chips and bangers and mash, to a traditional roast or Shepherd’s pie. In fact potatoes feature in nearly half of all meals eaten out-of-home, and as a relatively low cost ingredient, they deliver excellent profit margins.
  • Local and seasonal: Potatoes can also help meet the increasing demand for locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The UK is almost self sufficient when it comes to potatoes. With around 3,000 potato farmers, the level of choice, availability and freshness is second to none.
  • Make it special: With more people keen to know about the variety of potato they are being served, as well as its origin, a simple reference on the menu explaining where your potatoes come from and the variety you have chosen to use can significantly boost sales.
  • Healthy choice: Potatoes are naturally fat free, low in calories and a source of vitamin B1, fibre, potassium and vitamin C. This makes them the perfect base for any healthy dishes you want to include on your menus.

Promotional opportunities

AHDB Potatoes investment in national promotions gives your business the opportunity to benefit and increase sales.

Chip Week (February)

Chip Week celebrates the nation’s love of chips. Taking place in February each year, a traditionally quiet time for the foodservice industry, the annual chip celebration continues to grow in popularity, with an increasing number of foodservice establishments realising the profit potential from taking part.

With a high profile publicity campaign in place to promote chips, it generates lots of television, radio and press coverage, driving sales of chips in pubs, restaurants and chip shops throughout the country. From adding new and inspirational chip-based recipes to the menu to holding ‘chip themed’ events or quizzes, the Week provides a fantastic platform to boost sales.

Potato Week (October)

The potato is the nation’s favourite vegetable and this week will celebrate it in all its many forms. Take advantage of the publicity campaign by offering additional potato dishes as main courses, starters or side dishes. You could even try something new and make a potato desert – recipes are available for chocolate potato cake and potato cheesecake.

Downloadable factsheets

  • Guide to potatoes: advice on buying, storage, handling and varieties
  • Best basic potato dishes: find out how to make fluffy mash, perfect roasties, tasty jackets and delicious new.
  • Seasonal recipes:here are some ideas on delicious recipes that can be added to menus or specials boards in springsummerautumn or winter.