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One Voice

21 December 2015

Our Goal: Simply that potatoes should be seen as a good food by shoppers, politicians and the media alike, remaining a staple on British plates

AHDB Potatoes communicates the key industry messages that potatoes are healthy, sustainable, affordable and perfect for family meals ensuring a strong domestic market. We continually seek to deliver more from the levy invested in us, to give even better value for money.
To this end, we started One Voice - a campaign designed to bring the industry together, thereby meaning that we can make a greater impact by ensuring consistent messages when speaking about the benefits of potatoes.
We know this works as ten years ago we asked for your help with Grow Your Own Potatoes. This is now the largest educational project of its kind in Great Britain, reaching almost three quarters of primary schools.
Since the campaign was relaunched and refreshed, we have asked you to:
  • Support our activity by giving you the opportunity to order farm banners, posters and vehicle stickers carrying health messaging, which was widely received by the industry, and we were overwhelmed by the number of orders and how many of you wanted to get on board
  • Display free promotional tools online including themed artwork, a host of new quick-cook recipes (20-30 minutes), key nutritional messages and a YouTube video of our potato character, all of which can be shared across various platforms


For our third phase of activity, we're looking to go back to our roots, and get more traction behind our Grow Your Own Potatoes project. We would like you to get engaged with this programme by:

1. Recruiting your local primary school by getting them to sign up to receive a free growing kit

2. Visit your local school and give a talk on farming - why not invite your local MP or MSP down to the school at the same time?

3. Invite your school to visit your farm - help them plant their varieties and then show them how it's done on a larger scale

There are packs available for levy payers who need that little bit of inspiration when talking to younger children about farming - simply get in touch with us to request one of these, get more information on hosting a visit or how to register your local school.
One Voice allows you to join with us, our Potato Ambassadors and other organisations supporting the potato industry, to all shout together about the goodness of potatoes. Through this you will be able to sign up to receive updates on how your levy money is spent, and opt in to be more involved.