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22 November 2015

Potatoes are seen as worth paying a bit more for and a healthy choice

We need consumers to keep eating our product. This is why our campaigns promote potatoes’ health benefits, as well as signposting consumers to the right types of potatoes for different recipes – smooth, salad or fluffy – encouraging them to trade up. Our recipe placements ensure that when shoppers are thinking about trying a new dish there are plenty of potato recipes to choose from.

Members of the FPSA are closely involved in every stage of our campaigns so we can maximise the impact by tying up messaging with retailers.

Working with the industry, AHDB Potatoes has developed a new approach for the fresh retail sector. Potato Signposting aims to get shoppers excited about the different varieties of potato and give them a reason to pay more.  AHDB Potatoes is getting the message out about fluffy, salad and smooth potatoes as widely as possible, working with retailers to communicate to customers through on-pack stickers. It is also working to embed the consumer signposting language in recipes by enlisting the help of two highly experienced and enthusiastic Guild of Food Writers members. These are the AHDB Potatoes ‘Key Foodie Influencers’ and are informing their peers in food writing and publishing.  Already, the shopper signposts have featured in three major retailers, in magazines and even on TV. It’s a long-term approach and the aim is to get the message on pack.

We also carry out activity promoting the health benefits of the potato.  Many myths exist about what makes a healthy diet and many shoppers fail to realise the many nutritional benefits of potatoes.  Regular campaigns help to promote the health benefits of potatoes, being a ‘natural source of fibre’ and a ‘source of vitamin B6’, through a variety of formats including press, online and via social media to reach mums. Results include coverage worth £133,000 from £26,000 levy invested, and 13.2 million opportunities to see our messages.

You can read our trade releases here, and check out our consumer website.

Make your pledge:

  • Display a 'Natural Goodness' car sticker
  • Attend a signposting workshop
  • Share AHDB Potatoes recipes

You can email us at or call us on 024 7647 8775.