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3 August 2011

The Processed Sector

Marketing and Corporate Affairs activity supporting the processed supply chain includes:


  • Research: tracking sales and consumption trends in the retail and foodservice markets.

  • Issues Management: AHDB Potatoes works hard to manage the potatoes reputation by working with the media to provide factual information and correct misinformation. The issues management programme ensures that there is preparation for any potential stories that arise and that industry speaks with a common voice. This work often results in neutralising potentially negative stories.

  • Corporate affairs: building up an evidence base around health and sustainability to inform key influencers, such as the Government, about the crop to gain tangible benefits for the industry.

  •  Education: educating the future consumers and where their food comes from benefits all sectors of the industry. Over two  million children have benefited from the Grow Your Own Potatoes programme to date.



50% of the GB crop goes into the processed supply chain. AHDB Potatoes marketing and corporate affairs works on behalf of all sectors of the industry delivering benefit for the levy monies invested. The primary focus of our activity is on the consumer, promoting the generic properties of the potato (healthy, natural, tasty, sustainable and versatile), which benefits all routes to market. One in four GB potatoes is made into chips which makes them a major sector of the market, chip shops alone account for 13% usage of the GB crop. This sector receives dedicated support through Chip Week and our chip shop skills activity.


Get involved

Collaboration across the supply chain is key to ensuring that long term demand is sustained, promoting a strong message. This and greater involvement in campaigns and projects will bring rewards; both at a business and industry-wide level.