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11120009 PhD The Impact of Root Lesion Nematode Infestations

Publication Date: 
1 October 2016
Author/Contact :
Valeria Orlando and Matt Back

Contractor :
Harper Adams University

Full Title: Assessing the impact of root lesion nematode (Pratylenchus spp) infestations on the production of potatoes
Duration: October 2016 to September 2019


In GB there continues to be a significant knowledge gap on the distribution and pathogenicity of lesion nematodes and their economic impact on potato production. This study will assess the occurrence of lesion nematodes in relation to field site characteristics. The damage they cause will be studied to determine potato damage thresholds under controlled conditions. Parameters such as variety and soil type will be investigated to improve the accuracy of damage thresholds.  In addition, a suitable robust molecular assay (such as qPCR) will be developed to provide rapid diagnosis and quantification tools for the industry

Aims and Approach

Aim: To investigate the incidence of root-lesion nematode populations and pathogenicity of species, and to develop diagnostics.

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