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11120026 Method to Assess Varietal Tolerance to PCN

Publication Date: 
25 September 2019
Author/Contact :
Jane Thomas

Contractor :

Full Title: Evaluation of a method to assess varietal tolerance to potato cyst nematode
Duration: June 2015 to Aug 2019


The project is evaluating the use of pallet boxes (120 cm x 100 cm, internal depth 72 cm lined with Mypex) to assess varietal tolerance to Globodera pallida.  The box system provides an intermediate method between field scale measurement of tolerance and pot-based systems. It has the advantage over the latter of allowing relatively unrestricted root growth, which is probably a major contributing factor to tolerance. Eight varieties are being evaluated, each undergoing 2 years of testing. The trials were repeated in 2018 due waterlogging in the boxes in the 2017 season.

Aims and Approach

Aim: To evaluate methods to assess varietal tolerance to potato cyst nematode.

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