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11120028 The Importance of Latent Infection During Storage and Transit

Publication Date: 
1 February 2017
Author/Contact :
Triona Davey

Contractor :

Full Title: Investigating the importance of latent infection in causing tuber breakdown during storage and transit
Duration: February 2017 to June 2020


SBCSR and University of Warwick

Aims and approach

This project aims to determine the importance of latent infection in seed lots for export and whether ‘high-risk’ stocks can be identified before dispatch. The effect of storage and transit conditions on the quality of seed tubers and, more importantly, on the maintenance of quality during export transit will be evaluated. The results will enable the formulation of effective management strategies for growers and exporters and this project will ultimately benefit the industry as a whole through the provision of higher quality seed tubers at planting.

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