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11140056 Using Maleic Hydrazide as Sprout Suppressant

Publication Date: 
1 February 2019
Author/Contact :
Adrian Cunnington

Contractor :
Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research (SBCSR)

Full Title: Maleic hydrazide - Optimisation as a sprout suppressant




The primary use of maleic hydrazide (MH) is for groundkeeper control and product labels identify this as the primary purpose for its application. However, it is widely regarded that in the correct circumstances MH can provide a significant degree of sprout suppression. This can potentially make a useful contribution to an integrated sprout control programme and its deployment could increase in importance should the industry lose the use of CIPC.

Aims and Approach

Aim: To review and optimise the use of maleic hydrazide as sprout suppressant.

A full MH review and consultation will be carried out. This will inform any trials plan deemed necessary to maximise information availability and address any identified gaps, and provide information on effective residue thresholds. The field trials will take place at the Strategic Potato (SPot) Farms.

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