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114R477 Blight Integrated Strategies

Publication Date: 
31 July 2014
Author/Contact :
Frank van den Bosch

Contractor :
Rothamsted Research

Full Research Project Title: Strategies for integrated deployment of host resistance and fungicides to sustain effective crop protection
Duration: October 2013 - September 2016


Integrated control is widely believed to lead to more durable control than reliance on one control option. The evolution of fungicide insensitivity and the evolution of virulence are virtually always studied in isolation, whereas in practice the processes interact. The project builds on our previous experimental and modelling work on the evolution of fungicide insensitivity (van den Bosch & Gilligan 2008, Hobbelen et al. 2011) and the evolution of virulence (van den Bosch & Gilligan 2003; Lo Iacono et al. 2012). This project is co-funded by the Horticulture and Potato Initiative (HAPI).


Rothamsted Research, BASF, Belchim Crop Protection, Syngenta, James Hutton Institute (JHI), SRUC

Aims and objectives

The overall aim of the project is to maximise the durability of effective control of plant pathogens by integrated deployment of host resistance and fungicides.

a) Test the effect of host resistance on selection for fungicide insensitivity (H1).
b) Test the effect of fungicide treatments on the selection for virulence.
c) Develop a rational basis for integrated control to constrain pathogen evolution  towards fungicide insensitivity and virulence.
d) In collaboration with the AHDB Potatoes and industry partners develop strategies for the durable control of potato blight using integration of fungicides and cultivar  resistance.


Field experiments to address objectives a and b will generate epidemiological data and pathogen samples which will be genotyped at JHI. The epidemiological and population genetics data will be integrated by mathematical modelling at Rothamsted to test the hypotheses and explore deployment strategies under objectives c and d.

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