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807/227 BRUCE - BRUising in a Commercial Environment

Publication Date: 
15 August 2011
Author/Contact :
David Wurr

Contractor :

Full Research Project Title: BRUising in a Commercial Environment
Duration: January 2001 - June 2004

Aim: To determine the important factors influencing bruising using the variability experienced in commercial crops.

During 2001 - 2003 samples of tubers from 187 commercial crops crops were bruised using a pendulum. Records of the history of 184 of the crops were supplied by growers. The tuber dry matter content and mineral content of the tubers were also measured.The information was used to examine if there were relationships between bruising susceptibility, tuber characteristics and the crop production conditions.

The project showed that:

  • Bruising susceptibility varies considerably between varieties and between different crops of the same variety
  • Bruising susceptibility in Marfona varied with soil type; sandy soils were associated with increased susceptibility to bruising and loams with decreased susceptibility
  • Dry soil conditions at burning off were associated with greater susceptibility to bruising in Marfona, Cara and Maris Piper
  • In Marfona and Maris Piper, the time between defoliation and lifting was assocaited with susceptibility to bruising
  • In Cara and Maris Piper, a higher tuber dry matter percentage was associated with greater susceptibility to bruising
  • The influence of K and Mg appears complex and varies with variety, and tissue levels of these nutrients were not associated with the applied levels
  • The percentage senescence when defoliated and the delay from defoliation to lifting may affect bruising susceptibility in Marfona

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