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807/243 CIPC Application and Environment

Publication Date: 
23 August 2011
Author/Contact :
Harry Duncan

Contractor :
University of Glasgow

Full Research Project Title: Review and development of the application of CIPC to stored potatoes and evaluation of environmental issues
Duration: July 2003 - March 2006

Aim: To improve application efficiency of CIPC and to evaluate methods of removing / reducing residues. 

This project followed on from a previous AHDB Potatoes funded study which showed that there is an uneven distribution of CIPC in potato stores after fogging. The earlier project involved trials to improve CIPC distribution and assessments of CIPC levels in store air and wash water.

In project 807/243 further work to determine the fate of CIPC applied to potato stores was carried out. This included more detailed studies of the levels of CIPC present in store air and wash water at different times throughout the season. The thermal breakdown of CIPC during the application process was also investigated and methods to reduce the loss of CIPC via this route were identified.

The potential for removing CIPC residues from store fabric or from treated tubers was also evaluated. None of the treatments tested were successful in removing CIPC from store fabric. Some of the treatments applied to tubers did remove more CIPC than water alone, but none were considered to be commercially viable.


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