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4 January 2017

New guide to get potato stores CIPC compliant for July 2017

From July 2017, all potato store owners must comply with new legislation stating that CIPC (chlorpropham) applications to stored potatoes must not exceed the maximum total dose rates of 36g/tonne for potatoes produced for processing, and 24g/tonne for those sent to the fresh market.

CIPC is vital to the potato industry, as it’s used as a sprout suppressant treatment. To help growers with the necessary steps to ensure compliance with new legislation and stewardship requirements, the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group has launched a new technical guidance booklet: ‘CIPC Application: a store owner’s guide’ under a call for action to ensure all stores are made compliant for the 2017/18 season.

Under CIPC Stewardship, all applications must now be made using ‘active recirculation’ to optimise the efficacy of the new European lower maximum dose rate. Active recirculation is the new industry-agreed term to describe the recirculation of air containing CIPC fog by fans. Maximum dose rates for CIPC have been ‘stepping down’ under the ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ campaign since 2012 in order to meet the new limits being introduced. This summer the guidelines for the new dose rates require that ‘active recirculation’ is implemented alongside these.

Research carried out by AHDB at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research (SBCSR) in collaboration with the industry has clearly demonstrated that the correct use of fans can systematically improve the uniformity of CIPC distribution – at the lower dose rate, and reduce the risk of maximum residue exceedance.

The new technical guide outlines compliance measures for effective application at the new dose rates and contains detailed guidelines for bulk and box potato storage.  The guidance is now available to download from the Be CIPC Compliant website: or request a hard copy by telephoning 01406 351444.

Issued on behalf of the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group by:

AHDB, Sutton Bridge CSR, East Bank, Sutton Bridge, Spalding, PE12 9YD. Tel: 0800 02 82 111.




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