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AHDB Storage Network workshop

Publication Date: 
13 December 2018
Author/Contact :
Stuart Baxter

Are you a storage advisor? Join our network!

In 2019, we will be making it easier than ever for store managers to receive independent advice, based on the latest storage research. Our new Storage Network project involves using specialist trainers and advisors from industry to boost the services we already provide from Sutton Bridge.

This will allow us to share research results and best practice more quickly, and harness the expertise of those in industry to the benefit of all store managers.

We’re inviting all those who provide storage advice, or would like to do so under this new initiative, to an introductory workshop on Wednesday 9 January at Orton Hall, Peterborough.

This day, hosted by the Sutton Bridge CSR team, is designed as an introduction to the process for those interested in becoming involved as potato storage trainers and advisors, working on behalf of AHDB. If you’re interested, and you’re a registered trainer or advisor, we’d love to see you there.

The draft programme for the interactive day is as follows:

  • 10.15     Registration and coffee
  • 10.45     Introduction
  • 11.00     Concept and need
  • 11.30     Potential mechanisms for deployment of a Storage Network team
  •                 Discussion
  • 12.30     Lunch
  • 13.30     Technical sessions
  • – Sprout suppression
  • – Store optimisation
  • 15.00     Q&A
  • 15.30     Depart

Attendance is open to all registered trainers/advisors and is free. Please reserve places with Emma Bates on 01406 359419 or email

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