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THE DROUGHT ISSUE: Dealing with burn-off in dry conditions

Publication Date: 
27 July 2018

This week Syngenta has issued updated advice on the use of Reglone due to 'the extremely dry conditions', the advice is:

"Due to the exceptionally dry conditions being experienced this year we will not be supporting 1.0 l/ha Reglone without a valid SMART test pass (as per the Reglone label).  Should conditions return to a more normal rainfall level we will review the advice as appropriate."

Dr Mark Stalham of NIAB CUF, has reviewed the options available to growers; he said:

"We have done work in the past on using Reglone in dry conditions at reduced doses. If that is not available then growers really do have limited options.

"People may think of a mechanical flail, but flailing a crop under heat stress would likely pose a big risk of internal defects.

"Growers considering this route, should consider taking crops out in the very early morning when they've had a chance to rehydrate overnight."

If considering chemical treatments in these conditions, please speak to your advisor, or chemical company to discuss best practice and the options available.

WATCH: Mark Stalham discusses burn-off*:

We have heard via contacts at NEPG, that this is also a concern across the continent and that normal practice in these conditions is to split doses and apply with a 'high water volume'.

*This video was shot on a phone in a windy field, sorry for the noise quality*

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