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THE DROUGHT ISSUE: Too late for nitrogen top-ups?

Publication Date: 
27 July 2018

It is too late for N to provide benefits for most crops

Dr Marc Alison, Senior Research Associate at NIAB CUF  said: “It is too late now for nitrogen to have any impact on yield potential, all you would do is green the canopy up a little bit."

Marc's colleague at NIAB CUF Dr Mark Stalham added that he did not foresee problems with achieving skin-set this season as these issues are normally caused by excess water around the tuber, something that is clearly not an issue this year!

However, while talking at SPot Scotland this month, he mentioned that unnecessary use of N at this stage could cause problems with skin-set, so it is best avoided.

Watch a video of Marc and Mark discussing N use at this late stage.*

Read the full report from SPot Scotland here​

*This video was shot on a phone in a windy field, sorry for the noise quality*

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