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Extended sprout suppression trials underway

Publication Date: 
27 September 2018

CIPC has been the leading sprout suppressant of choice in the UK potato industry for over 50 years, accounting for over 80% of post-harvest sprout suppressant applications. With an uncertain regulatory position for CIPC, AHDB has been looking ahead and is funding new work to investigate the efficacy of a range of alternative sprout suppressants.

Data from the processing potatoes project is still being analysed (and will be repeated in 2018/19) but new trials on fresh market varieties have now been started together with further new work in the areas of maleic hydrazide use as a sprout suppressant; varietal dormancy analysis and residue measurement in stores previously treated with CIPC. All of this work is designed to help industry deal with possible changes in sprout suppressant availability in the near future.

For further information on previous and ongoing trials at SBCSR, contact the Storage Advice Line on 0800 02 82 111 or email Adrian Cunnington.

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