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Fungicide Resistance Management in Potato Late Blight

Publication Date: 
7 March 2019

The Fungicide Resistance Action Group - UK (FRAG-UK) is a forum to look at fungicide resistance issues and to publish information and advice relevant to the UK.

The latest version of the version of our Resistant Management Guidelines can be found on the link below:

Fungicide ResistanceFungicide Resistance Management in Potato Late BlightBlightBlight May 2018

Comparison of sensitivity to a range of fungicides in contemporary genotypes of Phytophthora infestans (2018)

Project Ref: 11120047

In 2018 fungicides belonging to a range of FRAC fungicide groups were tested for their ability to inhibit late blight in the laboratory. A limited number of isolates of P. infestans belonging to lineages known to be either established, or relatively new in GB were tested.

Results of testing genotype 37_A2 provided supporting evidence of its resistance to fluazinam, as previously reported. It was found that, overall, isolates of genotype 36_A2 were more difficult to inhibit than those of the other genotypes across several active ingredients and appeared to be relatively aggressive.

These findings do not provide evidence of specific or multiple shifts in resistance in genotype 36_A2 or mean that performance using products at field rates will necessarily be affected. Therefore, recommendations on use for 2018/19 remained unchanged.

A presentation summarising the results was made at the Agronomists’ Conference in Dec 2018

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