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GB 2014 potato production data update

Publication Date: 
24 November 2014

The provisional November production estimate for the 2014 crop is confirmed at 5.71Mt +/-2.5%, i.e. a crop of between 5.56 and 5.85Mt - a potential increase of over 270,000 tonnes on 2013 production.

This update follows a data entry review of 2013 and 2014 data by the AHDB Potatoes. This has now restated the final GB 2013 potato production figure at 5.58Mt based on a final average yield of 45.8t/ha.

Standard data confidence intervals mean 2014 production could vary upwards or downwards by around 150,000 tonnes. For instance, the provisional estimate for 2013 production, released in November 2013, was 5.45 million tonnes and hence approximately 125,000 tonnes lower than the final estimate.

AHDB Potatoes will publish an updated 2014 production estimate in December.

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Michael Archer +44 2476 478 763

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