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GB Potatoes: Market Intelligence 2012-13

Publication Date: 
29 April 2013

The role of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Market Intelligence division is to communicate accurate, timely, independent and impartial information on markets and prices. The aim is to ensure that our levy-payers and stakeholders are properly informed of changes in markets which will equip them to make the best business decisions.

The aim of the annual potato Market Intelligence publication is to inform business decisions by providing the industry with the latest annual trends, including world potato production, the structure of the GB market incorporating areas, production, prices, supplies and disposals, consumption, retail and foodservice data.

The updated publication provides final figures for the 2011/12 crop year and a synopsis of the season (Spring 2013). This report also highlights where you can find the latest information throughout the season.

The full report can be downloaded in PDF format below:

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