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Grower Gateway - April 2011

Publication Date: 
31 July 2011

AHDB Potatoes sends Grower Gateway via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers).

AHDB Potatoes welcomes Sharon as communications manager
The AHDB Potatoes Knowledge Transfer team has a new leader, Dr Sharon Hall. More...


Changes in foliar late blight resistance ratings
Recent research has led to adjustments in foliar late blight resistance ratings. Some varieties such as Cara, historically rated as seven, have been amended to five. More...


Potato farming going green – do you know your carbon emissions?
Up to 17 per cent of potato crisps’ carbon footprint comes from potato growing, revealed PepsiCo’s agricultural sustainability manager Mark Pettigrew at the AHDB Potatoes Storage Forum. More...


World Potato Congress 2012 website now live
The website for the World Potato Congress is now live and anyone interested in more details can register on the site. Conference bookings will be taken from the end of May 2011. For more details please visit


Epitrix – voluntary notification of potato imports
All growers planning to import potatoes from Portugal or Spain must notify either Fera or the Scottish Government, following concerns that the potato flea beetle Epitrix might be accidentally introduced into Britain. More...


Sign up for the aphid monitoring service
Growers signing up for the aphid monitoring service from AHDB Potatoes will receive timely notice of which species are flying before significant crop emergence occurs. 
More ...


Blight Scouts needed for Fight Against Blight
Standfirst: Gary Collins, AHDB Potatoes blight specialist and co-ordinator of the highly successful, long running Fight Against Blight (FAB) campaign, is recruiting new blight scouts.
More ...


Avoid rejections resulting from common scab
Updated information to help growers get to grips with common scab in potatoes is available from the AHDB Potatoes.
More ...


Pointers for weed control
New pointers to help potato growers achieve top-notch weed control following the loss of the PDQ/linuron mix are coming to light in time for this season. More...


Apply for water pollution subsidy before April 30
New advice on environmentally friendly potato production could prove invaluable to growers looking to secure recently launched grants to help reduce water pollution. More...


Digestate & Compost in Agriculture
WRAP have published their first bulletin on the ‘Digestate & Compost in Agriculture’ field experiments, which you can find here. The Bulletin provides a brief overview of the project and the work that is being undertaken to help farmers maximise the potential of biofertilisers and compost to grow quality crops whilst helping to meet 2020 climate change and waste reduction commitments. Future editions will keep you up-to-date with results and analysis from the research and knowledge exchange activities as they become available. See the Wrap Website for more information.


Meetings, events and publications


PCL Events

March 3: Storage Forum at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research. Contact Miya Kotecha on details or to reserve a place.


June 8: West Midlands Potato Day at Woodlands farm, Staffordshire.


June 23: South East Potato Day.


July 5: East Midlands Potato Day


September 1: East of England Potato Day


September 13: North of England Potato Day at Colton, York.


November 23-24: BP2011, Harrogate



Other Events

September 7, 8, 2011: Potato Europe in Belgium.
August 11, 2011: Potatoes in Practice, Dundee.

May 27-30, 2012: World Potato Congress, Edinburgh




Glyphosate advice leaflet and sticker 

Common Scab guide:
Business Improvement guide:
Seed rate guides:

Crop Nutrition for Potatoes
Environmental guidance for potato production
(partnership publication):

Growers’ advice The Water Framework Directive and how it will impact on potato growers. To download a copy go to the Growers Advice area.

Contact publications on your free copies.

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