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Grower Gateway December 2009

Publication Date: 
25 August 2011

AHDB Potatoes sends Grower Gateway via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers).

Over 5,500 attended British Potato 2009
The entire potato industry gathered again in Harrogate, North Yorkshire last month for BP2009, the key industry event of the year. Despite inclement weather and a challenging season, attendance over the two days was up by 10 per cent. More ...


Potato industry honours Michael Higgins
Michael (Mike) Higgins, founder and chairman of The Higgins Group has been awarded the 2009 British Potato Industry Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the potato industry, particularly in the processing sector. More ...


Potato farms – making them a safer place to work
Potato growers attending British Potato 2009 were the first to receive the latest and updated version of the AHDB Potatoes Safe Potato Operations DVD. More ...


High hopes from new ethylene project
Reducing energy usage and wastage are the aims of a LINK-funded project that aims to extend the use of ethylene as an effective sprout suppressant. A better understanding of tuber metabolism and cultivar sensitivity will bring better, residue-free sprout control.  More ...


New blackleg threat to British crops
Over 800 people visited the informative AHDB Potatoes technical seminars at BP2009. One of the seminars brought growers valuable information of a new Dickeya pathogen.  More ...


The new ‘supercarb’
Potato farmers at BP2009 called for potatoes to be renamed a ‘supercarb’. The industry needs people to show their support for the campaign by visiting and join those who have already signed the ‘supercarb’ petition.  More ...


Are you the next Potato Ambassador?
Nine Potato Ambassadors are being sought from across the country to spearhead and reinforce marketing campaigns aimed at potato consumers. The growers will help tell the public that potatoes are healthy, filling, versatile, easy to prepare and great value for money.  More ...


Simplification of systems put into effect
AHDB Potatoes has become a fully integrated division of AHDB. The company, AHDB Potatoes, will be retained (in order to protect the name) but it will be dormant. The name AHDB Potatoes (PCL) will still be used and there will be no change to the logo; there will still be a AHDB Potatoes board of 15 members, responsible to potato levy payers for management of their funds; and AHDB Potatoes accounts will be separately identified within AHDB's corporate plan. 


Crops in store 
The cold winter weather creates a challenge as temperature differences between the crop in-store and external ambient conditions extend. This month’s Storage Bulletin from Sutton Bridge Experimental Unit (SBEU) has essential advice on how to avoid wet crops by controlling condensation levels to ensure crop quality is maintained.  More ...


Spot sprayer that knows its onions
Automatically detecting potato volunteers in onion and carrots crops, and spot spraying to avoid crop contamination, was the aim of a recently completed LINK-funded project. Results have indicated up to 95 per cent control, at costs and work rates competitive to existing methods.  More ...


Soil and water best practice
The AHDB Potatoes soil and water forum takes place on February 10, 2010. Sandwiched between the blight and energy forums, the day will arm growers with the knowledge to improve crop quality and yield, and prepare them for the regulatory changes for the 2010 crop, says AHDB Potatoes Chris Steele.  More ...


AHDB Potatoes Winter Forums
Stakeholder meetings on blight, soils and water, and energy are due to take place in Huntingdon on Tuesday February 09, Wednesday February 10, and Thursday February 11 respectively. Growers attending each day will be able to join in the strategy discussions where the future perimeters for R&D and KT will be considered. For more details and to book a place on the forums email:


Crop Protection Conference - Dundee, February 2010 
Taking place February 23-24, 2010, at the West Park Conference Centre, Dundee, the conference will address environmental management, crop protection and associated topics for northern environments, covering potatoes, combinable crops and agri-environmental and economic aspects. For further details go to:

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