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Grower Gateway - Issue 2 2016

Publication Date: 
2 August 2016

Grower Gateway - Issue 2 2016


AHDB leading agriculture through BREXIT

The decision to leave the EU is a game changer for UK farming and growing.

The referendum decision raised a number of questions around the approach the UK Government(s) will take to areas of policy which were previously decided at EU level.

One of these areas is trade.


Previously: "What will an UK/EU trade relationship look like post-Brexit?"

Consider cover crops for cultivation

James Daw has gone and demonstrated the potential for improvement and the latest technical know-how to fellow growers using his own farm as a proving ground...


Preparing stores for new season

Knowing is key to controlling conditions. “The quickest wins can be had in not simply assuming your store is operating as you believe,” explains independent potato consultant, Simon Alexander...


New 'Above and beyond' award

Many unsung potato heroes go ‘Above and Beyond’ in their role to make a positive impact in industry. AHDB is seeking nominations for individuals who support businesses and make things work ‘on the ground'...


Growing importance of Sulphur 

Previously, the supply of natural sources of Sulphur from the soil was regarded as sufficient for the potato crop.
However, with significantly reduced sulphur deposits from the atmosphere (due to a marked decline in industrial pollution), and continued use of fertiliser with low sulphur content, sulphur deficiency has gained increasing attention in many regions causing crops to become vulnerable to yield reductions.


Adapting to Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture

AHDB's Mike Storey has been part of the team who has produced the LWEC Agriculture & Forestry Climate Change Impacts Report Card.


The Report Card gives an overview of how climate change is affecting agriculture in the UK, focusing on both threats and opportunities  and aiming to improve understanding of the scale of possible change.



SPot Farm (West) Farm Walk – 19 August – WB Daw & Son,Staffordshire

SPot Farm (East) Farm Walk – 01 September – Elveden Farms, West Suffolk
SPot Farm (West) Farm Walk – 08 September – WB Daw & Son, Staffordshire 
Potato Europe 2016 – 14-15 September – France  

Seed Industry Event – 3 November – Fife

Agronomists' Conference - 7-8 December 2016 - Peterborough Arena
Fruit Logistica 2017 – 8-10 February – Berlin

Online events: GREATSoils webinars

Improving agronomic & economic sustainability of UK farming 

New Grower Platform - your chance to participate!

A key component of a new AHDB funded research programme on the management of rotations  -The ‘Grower Platform’ will bring together a group of like-minded researchers, farmers, agronomists and businesses, to help optimise soil and water management decisions and plan environmentally and economically beneficial rotations.



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