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Grower Gateway - Issue 3, 2013

Publication Date: 
8 October 2013

Supporting the British Potato Industry

Get your ‘tech-know’ at BP2013

If it’s technical knowledge you’re looking for then November’s BP2013 event will have it in spades. As well as 200 science, industry and machinery stands to visit, this year’s technical seminar programme, panel sessions and the new Seed Expo will ensure BP visitors leave well informed about our industry’s technical developments. Read more...

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Soil a grower’s key asset – preparing for the next season

Field selection is one of the most important contributors to yield and quality. Whether you have grown potatoes on the land before, or whether the ground is newly acquired or rented, autumn marks the time that key field decisions for next year’s crop are made. Read more...

Projecting potato profitability

Understanding your level of risk is crucial to planning future potato rotations. This November, leading authorities in the European supply chain will take part in new interactive panel sessions at BP2013 that will analyse the ‘risk versus reward’ of GB potato farming. Read more...

New ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ website urges prompt application of CIPC

As crops come into store, potato growers are being urged to prepare for short or shorter dormancy break periods due to the warmer, brighter conditions experienced this growing season. It’s imperative to apply sprout suppressant chlorpropham (CIPC) as early as possible to maximise sprout control, advises AHDB Potatoes. Read more...

Seeing the practical outcomes of good science

Optimising marketable yield was a common theme at AHDB Potatoes’s East Midlands Potato Day and the Cultivation and Nematicide trials event at Slingsby, Yorkshire this summer. Video footage has been captured so levy-payers can get a flavour of the technical presentations at both events. Read more...

Cost benefits of tackling water efficiency

There is much that can be done to target your water resource where and when it’s needed, ultimately saving you money and helping produce ‘more crop per drop’. Despite GB usually getting its fair share of rain, it’s clear that seasonal rainfall levels are becoming increasingly erratic. So whether growers get too much or too little rainfall, the need for water management planning intensifies each year. Read more...

Potatoes win the sustainability debate

Potatoes are the sustainable carbohydrate. It’s a fact. This comes as a result of new research from Cranfield University to compare the total greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) and water usage for potatoes against rival carbohydrates, rice and pasta. Read more...


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